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The re-testing of the CBSEI-C32 on the subsample was carried out 2 weeks later in the same clinic. The duration of each data collection was approximately 15�C20?minutes. Alkannin All data were collected during a 5-month period in 2009. Data were analyzed using the SPSS for Windows, version 16.0 (SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL). Descriptive statistics were used to summarize demographic characteristics. The internal consistency of the CBSEI-C32 was assessed using Cronbach's alpha together with Guttman's split half. The test�Cretest reliability of the initial data collection and the 2-week follow-up was calculated using the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). An ICC above .75 indicates acceptable reliability over brief intervals (Portney & Watkins, 2000). The construct validity of the CBSEI-C32 was examined by calculating the correlation coefficients of the CBSEI-C32 with the CSE and the CSAS. Selleckchem Metformin An independent t-test was used to compare the difference in the CBSEI-C32 scores between the primigravid and multigravid women. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted using LISREL 8.80, and Bartlett's tests were performed to examine the adequacy of the data for factor analysis. The maximum likelihood method was chosen for parameter estimation to test the two-factor structure of the CBSEI-C32. The overall fit of the model was examined by goodness-of-fit indices, including a Chi-square test (��2), the relative mean square error of approximation (RMSEA), the normed fit index (NFI), non-normal fit index (NNFI), comparative fit index (CFI), and incremental fit index (IFI). Of 300 questionnaires distributed to eligible women, two were found to have more than 10% missing data. A total of 298 completed questionnaires were collected for data analysis. In the data cleansing procedure, the assumptions of multivariate normality and linearity were evaluated. Using Mahalanobis distance, one pregnant woman was identified as a multivariate outlier, p?<?.001, and the data from this woman were deleted. This woman showed an extremely high OE subscale score and an extremely low EE score. The data for final analysis came from 297 women, all having fully complete scales and questionnaires. Ages of the 297 women ranged from 20 to 39 years (mean?=?28.3, SD?=?3.1), and the mean gestational age was 238.2 days (SD?=?15.2) at enrollment. Table 1 presents <a href="">MAPK Inhibitor Library the other socio-demographic characteristics of the sample. The clear majority were primigravidas. All the participants were married, and almost 80% of the women had at least a tertiary education. The majority of the women were employed (n?=?241, 81.5%), with a monthly household income more than ?4,000 (US$600) per person, which was above the average monthly household income in Guangzhou (Gao, 2010). Table 2 presents a comparison of the mean and standard deviations of the subscales of the CBSEI-C32 in the present study and the study conducted in Hong Kong (Ip et al., 2008).